Tei Consulting Group Wins Client’s Millionaires Club Award

tei consulting group awardWe are proud to celebrate Tei Consulting Group’s own Okletey Wilson-Tei, who represented the company in winning the exclusive Millionaires Club Award at an industry conference in New Orleans. He received this honor for building a business that has earned over one million dollars for our client. This success was no accident,  but a process that started with the decision to do great things. He watched his father build his own successful business in Ghana, which allowed him the opportunity to travel at a young age. Okletey came to the US when he was 19, where he earned multiple degrees and graduated with zero debt.
He joined the work grind after graduation, but it was a chance encounter with a fellow soccer fan that sent Okletey on his path to success. This man had recently returned from the UK, where he had been able to attend the recent UK-Ghana soccer match in person. Okletey, who watched the same match on his 24-inch television in the attic room in which he lived. He knew that he would not be able to create his own success in a regular job, and realized that “the only obstacle to my future was me.” Okletey realized that he was the person that needed to step up and work hard for his own success.
He did not start out on this journey with the goal of making a specific amount of money; instead, he “wanted to be the guy that created the difference” in people’s lives. By building his team at TEI Consulting Group, he has done just that. Okletey wants people to know that they are the writers of their own fates: “We need to know our desires and work hard to actually make that a part of our everyday lives.”
Get excited, Charlotte! TEI Consulting Group is rocking and rolling towards continued success.

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