Meet Amena, Tei Consulting Group’s newest Assistant Manager


Tei Consulting Group prides itself on how well the company’s Account Manager team is able to deliver for the client along with being able to provide each member of the team a forum to develop their skills and grow their careers. It is in that type of environment that our team has tripled in size and over delivered results to the delight of our clients. Recently, one of Tei Consulting Group’s newest team members took their career to the next level by earning the promotion to Assistant Manager in just 4 months! Amena Brent was able to quickly prove her merit and show the team how to hit your goals.

Amena, who has a background in collegiate basketball in division one and two, is naturally competitive and so working at Tei Consulting Group, where merit based work is celebrated and friendly competition is encouraged, was a natural fit. She found the company on Linkedin while looking for opportunities in entry level work to gain experience. She had some hesitation at first. Amena is naturally an introvert, so working on the Account Manager team, where she would be handling face to face customer work, seemed a little daunting and outside of her wheelhouse. She decided to look past her concerns and give the position a go. With Tei Consulting Group’s impressive training program, Amena was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of the position and gain the confidence she needed to perform her daily duties. Not only did she learn, but she excelled. Within four months of working at Tei Consulting Group, Amena met every qualification for promotion to Assistant Manager, which on average takes a year to meet qualifications. She was able to truly expand her comfort zone from being introverted to being able to lead team meetings and become a core resource of the company.

Now that Amena has proven herself to the team, management, our client, she will be learning back office management. She will continue to work closely with the team, giving each member a fantastic go-to within the team to learn and develop essential skills. Tei Consulting Group is extremely proud of not only Amena’s ability to step outside of her comfort zone, but also how quickly she was able to grow and develop a fantastic team and hit promotion checkpoints. We look forward to how Amena grows in her current role and can’t wait to help her to her next promotion.

Learn more about Tei Consulting Group, the company’s career information, and how to reach out to the team by checking out the company website.


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