Tei Consulting Group Quarter 4 Most Improved

At Tei Consulting Group, the management team reviews each member for their performance and evaluates how the team and company are pacing towards goals we set on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. For two of our team members, the management team rewards them with a “Most Improved” for the quarter. The person who earns this award has demonstrated significant progress for our client over the quarter and has become a great resource to the rest of our team in regards to training and knowledge. For quarter 4 2016, we are excited to announce that Ashley Jacobs and Rafael Pena.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,

working together is success.

Henry Ford

ashley-jacobs-tei-consulting-groupAshley Jacobs started with Tei Consulting Group back in February of 2016 with no hesitation. She knew that Tei Consulting Group’s fun work environment centered on celebrating those who put in the hard work was an ideal fit. We picked up on her enthusiasm, which is incredible, from the moment we met her. Ashley is a single mother of two boys and giving them an awesome life what motivates her most. “Sometimes its easy to give up on yourself, but I couldn’t give up on them.” What also attracted Ashley to the company was that the team is incentivized on hard work and it’s merit based. Being in a high performing company has helped drive Ashley to success and also given her amazing career growth and confidence. “I’m in a constant state of learning and growing. [Tei Consulting Group] fits my personality because I’m already a people person and I like to interact with different people.  Upon reflecting on her time so far at the company, a few fond memories came to mind. Back in November, Ashley helped in Thanksgiving 2016, a local charity that delivers meals to homeless on Thanksgiving day. Not only was Ashley highly involved, but the company welcomed her oldest son to help, giving him experience helping others. With her great enthusiasm and intense work ethic, she was a perfect fit for the Most Improved award. “This Opportunity is amazing. There is no other like it.”

rafael-pena-tei-consulting-group Rafael has been with Tei Consulting Group for six months and came in making waves. Almost immediately, he was recognized by the client and then by the management team. He actually learned about the company from one of Tei Consulting Group’s Account Managers who was reaching out to him about our client’s products. “I had no hesitations. I had an idea already about the position and what I was getting myself into.” He wanted to try out sales and he liked the income potential of the position. Rafael gained more then a sales position. He has become a key player in building the Tei Consulting Group team and training new people. He loves that he learns something new everyday and it’s a great work environment. He also learned integral career skills like organization and working closely with major fortune 500 clients.  Rafael finds Tei Consulting Group to be fun, exciting, and competitive. He also enjoyed being involved in Thanksgiving 2016. He felt good being able to give his time and giving back. Earning the top leaders pin in Atlanta was also a huge moment for Rafael. He found that the time that Okletey Wilson-Tei invested in getting to know and coach Rafael made all the difference. “What motivates me the most is knowing that as long as I work hard, I can change the lives of everyone in my family.”

Keep an eye out for announcements and events at Tei Consulting Group by following the company blog. 


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