Matthew, A True Inspiration at Tei Consulting Group

img_20161208_084420At Tei Consulting Group, a marketing and sales firm based in Charlotte, NC, we value those who work hard and help our team to reach their goals. In October, team member Matthew Cookhorne earned his promotion to Assistant Manager. Since then he has been learning the ins and outs of running the office. Matthew has continued to set the pace and wow us.

Matthew started with the team over a year ago. After guidance from President Okletey, Matthew realized that he had to be really clear about the goals he set for himself so that he could quickly move forward with the company. This, we feel, is why he was able to earn promotions so quickly. He was vocal from early on that he wanted to quickly earn his promotion by being intentional and outlined his steps to do so. Matthew was able to work on bringing together a successful team by focusing on their goals and building up their skills. He helped foster a competitive environment and celebrated each member’s wins.

Since earning his promotion, Matthew hasn’t slowed down. He has learned how to work 20161215_191604with the client directly, learned human resource management, and he kept running a very successful team. Not only did his team keep up consistent work, Matthew stepped up to the plate by maintaining consistent work while taking on his new responsibilities. In doing so, Matthew has secured his next promotion in January to full-fledged manager. We know that he will be incredible in his new role.

“What do you value? I realized I value my team. I value making sure my team is successful. I value making sure that my team can look up to me. Your people are a reflection of you. If you are doing the right things, so are your people.”

Tei Consulting Group is growing! We are a marketing and sales firm serving fortune 500 and 100 companies in the Charlotte area. Learn more about the team and positions available by visiting our site.

Tei Consulting Group
10926 Tryon St. Suite E
Charlotte, NS 28273

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