Talking About Tei Tuesday | Jayke Haven

At Tei Consulting Group, we have an established reputation of delivering for our clients and our people. We take great pride in working with top notch account managers and know that they are the key to our success. One account managers who has constantly has proven to be a top performer and an incredible leader within our company is Jayke Haven. We took a moment to get to know him better.

Jayke’s biggest motivation is family. Knowing that he is capable of creating a life is a big driving force for him. He even recently purchased a house. You will find that Jayke is pretty laid back and has an easy going personality. He came to Tei Consulting Group looking for the ability to grow and develop into a role and feels like he has gained more self confidence and leadership skills since joining the team. He also has learned how to interview and train others.

Jayke is a Senior Corporate Trainer with Tei Consulting Group and has been with the company for about a year and a half. He describes Tei Consulting Group as positive and upbeat environment.He also enjoys how Tei Consulting Group is involved in the community with events like our Cornhole Tournament. Jayke has this to say about working for our company. “I would [recommend Tei Consulting Group] if they are willing to put in the effort and have a great attitude and work ethic.”  He says



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