Taking On A New City

In the beginning of the year, the management team of Tei Consulting Group, Okletey, Danielle, and Anthony, sat down and planned out the firm’s goals. At that meeting, the team made a decision to expand to another city and devised a plan to accomplish that goal. With great effort and intentional actions, we are excited to announce that our client has green-lit our expansion to Greenville, SC with newly promoted Branch Manager, Anthony.

Tei Consulting Group Anthony (2).pngIn 2011, President Okletey was in process of establishing an expansion team in New York. Anthony, whose cousin was working with Okletey at the time, had referred him to the position and Anthony interviewed and decided to accept the position. Anthony came in as a sponge, trying to learn everything and enthusiastic to tackle the new challenges ahead of him. “I realized early on that Anthony was always learning and seeking knowledge.”, says Okletey about Anthony’s early days with the company. Not too long after Anthony joined the team, he had the opportunity to move to New Mexico with Okletey, which he took advantage of with no hesitation.

In New Mexico and the teams’ subsequent move to Charlotte, Anthony was a huge part of the driving force of the company and his contagious enthusiasm gave new team members confidence along the way. Anthony told Okletey,”Tell me what to do, how to do it, and I’ll do it.” That mentality of constant learning and reliance on his coach and mentor allowed Anthony to develop his own expansion team and gave Okletey the confidence to know that the new branch was in great hands. Anthony has proven that as long as you have a strong mentality, its only a matter of time before you hit your goals.


Anthony was able to meet the clients requirements to establish a new branch in Greenville, SC. He and the team that he helped develop will be opening the Branch in early July and Anthony will have a direct partnership with our client. Learn more about Tei Consulting Group and our Management Development Program by clicking here. 


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