Matt Cookhorne | Talking about Tei Tuesday

Tei Consulting Group was able to head down to Atlanta for a conference that the company is invited to several times a year. At this conference, Tei Consulting Group’s team took time to develop their skills in the areas of goal planning, professionalism, and taking tasks to action, listening to top business owners across the U.S.
While the conference was mostly about career development, President Okletey Wilson-Tei was able to select one person for an award being given out. At the conference, he chose the one and only Matthew Cookhorne.
“I picked Matt because in the past few weeks he has had a major breakthrough in his development [at Tei Consulting Group].”
Matthew, or Matt for short, was able to go from an account manager who could be defensive at times and had a hard time seeing areas in which he needed to improve to being able to take constructive criticism and implement changes he needs in order to move up with in the company. He is now very willing to execute any advice given to him and is now a go to leader in the office. With Matt stepping up, he earned a pin from the conference recognizing him as the up and coming leader at Tei Consulting Group.
President Okletey and Matt Cookhorne in Atlanta
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