Talking About Tei Tuesday | President Okletey

In our #TalkingAboutTei series, Tei Consulting Group focuses on a different member of the team or the team itself and for this week, we are talking about none other then our President Okletey. Recently Okletey was able to travel back to Ghana, his native country, and was able to share his what that trip meant to him.

This trip meant a lot to me. For a couple of reasons; The first is because I got to see my mother turn 60 and it was a promise I made to her 10 years ago. The second is because my sister had a daughter last year and I had never seen her so it was awesome to see her and spend so much time with her and my mom.
The best part of all of this is that I am in a position to do that because of what I do. I could not dream of doing something like this 10 years ago without help from my parents so it was great doing it without their help.

Okletey noted that his parents were his support system and his mother was always the first to say “you can handle it, you’re the world’s greatest, right?” He knows that with his parents behind him, he could tackle any obstacle.

Learn more about Okletey and Tei Consulting Group here.

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