#TalkingAboutTeiTuesday |Ben Bacca

At Tei Consulting Group each week, we select one of our outstanding peers to highlight and discuss what is going on in their world. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter for updates about the company.

This week for “talking about Tei Tuesday”, we are talking about top Account Manager, Ben Bacca. The overall performance results for January came in earlier this week from our client and Ben ranked in at number 6 in the country. So what was working for Ben?

Back in December, Ben felt he could be doing better for our company and the client. He wasn’t where he wanted to be personally and so he took time to figure out where he could dig in deeper and really hit his goals. Ben has high expectations of himself and so he knew that by changing his mind frame and focusing he would gain the results he yearned for. In January, he went the extra mile and did all that he could and it worked.

For February, Ben is aiming to do better. He is planning on maintaining the focus and intensifying the work he is putting in to do even better for our office and client. In the next few months, Ben plans to help train and develop the team and help expand the firm to another city.

More about Ben:

Ben grew up outside of Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Metropolitan University with a Bachelors in Legal Advocacy and Interpretation and was also accepted into Denver University Law School. Ben decided to pursue working in the marketing and sales industry instead. He comes to Tei Consulting with experience running a firm in Indianapolis, IN and sales and consulting in the home theater industry. He came to Tei Consulting Group as he enjoys getting incentivized on his work ethic and the ability to move up within the company at his own pace. He is very excited about what Tei Consulting Group has to offer him and for his future.

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