#TalkingAboutTeiTues | Danielle Hubbard

Not only is today #talkingaboutTeiTuesday but it is also #nationalspousesday too. This week we are featuring Danielle Hubbard, our HR Manager, and her husband Cory.
Danielle and Cory met over two years ago at a local bar in Sanford, FL. They liked hanging out so much that after the bar closed, they went to a local park and hung out until 6 am! They have been inserperable ever since.
Danielle says “We have been through all kinds of ups and downs, went from having everything to nothing multiple times. We have been through accidents and injuries galore but always manage to make the best of the situation and get back on our feet.”
Originally from Deltona, FL, Cory grew up an only child. He has always been super active in music, motorcross, sports, UFC, etc. He finally found his nitch in retail sales for T-Mobile after learning the basics of sales with us and then moving to car sales.
Cory has been a rock for Danielle and a great stepfather to her two children. They have just celebrated their second year wedding anniversary and just relocated to Charlotte from Cherryville.